We Provide Personal Growth Programs to
Heart Centered Humans

Being Heart Centered means that we approach life from a place of inner strength, courage, integrity, and authenticity. When we provide heart-centered education, we are asking you to LOVE yourself as well as those around you, to LIVE everyday with Purpose and Internet and to GIVE and Share the unique gifts that our students possess.

At Empa7hy University we believe that positive change follows personal fulfillment.

And for so long many of us have been stuck in boxes that really limit our true gifts of compassion and integrity.

Instead, we have been forced to live lives full of anxiety, stress, overwhelm and fear.

But this model of the world is nothing more than a filing system. In order to make the world a better place for us now and those who will come after us, we need to be at our personal best and that means living a heart centred life. 

Life Design Blueprint
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At Empa7hy University, Giving is a lifelong adventure

The Empa7hy University curriculum is designed to give you the tools to unlock your full potential in the areas of your life that are critical to having a life that is full of deeply meaningful experiences. 

We deeply value the power of being a heart-centred human and the community of like-minded souls who are also on a path that involves creating a more loving, compassionate, unified and giving world.

We don’t grade you on your generic wins because we believe that true success is about giving your all in the areas of personal growth that have the most meaning to you and that is unique to us all!

Our Authors, Experts and Coaches

We choose who we work with very carefully because we only want to have the best, to us that means heart-centred practitioners that walk the walk, that means no gurus, only go-givers because they are people like you who get up every day with a fire in their hearts to serve the world for the greater good!

The Empa7hy University Difference

All our journeys come from practitioners who have lived through tough times, they too have struggled to find the answers and they too have had to dig deep to find inner courage.

Empa7hy Community


Surrounding yourself with the right people is one of the most important keys to personal growth, that's why we offer support throughout your journey. Plus there is life time access to our community, where you will make life-changing connections with other amazing people.

Life Design Blueprint


We Live what we teach, NO Gurus. Our experts and journey leaders have been in the trenches and have a passion to pass their amazing knowledge and expert advice on to help you manifest an abundant life of purpose and fulfilled potential.


We believe that giving is one of the most powerful things we can do to bring not only more joy and purpose to our own lives but to help create a world where there is less suffering for others! That's why we have teamed up with B1G1 an amazingly passionate non profit organisation who help ensure that the money we raise from each program go's directly to the causes that are most important to you!

“We have been lied to, not by those who want to hurt us , but by our own mind, its constantly telling us to do things that ultimately don't make us happy and in turn we unconsciously spread this energy to those we meet.”

Doug Womack

Meet Doug Womack

Serial Entrepreneur Activist and Founder
After his own journey of self transformation that included overcoming social anxiety and PTSD, Doug trained as a happiness peak performance and purpose coach to help others gain the clarity he now has.
Doug created and grew many small businesses in the construction industry, providing eco heating and building solutions. Doug soon realised his passion for giving and helping others was what made him feel truly alive.
With this insight and a large vision of a world with less unhappiness and more positive action as the purpose to drive him, he started working on Empa7hy University in his spare time.

Love the Cause. Join the Team

Our mission is to create personal growth programs that positively transform lives.

If this sounds like something that can inspire you day after day, then we would love to hear from you.

Interested in changing the world with us?

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