Everything starts in our mind: including food 

Everything starts in our mind: including food

Humans live on one-quarter of what they eat; on the other three-quarters lives their doctor.

Our upbringing, society and our peers all have a considerable influence, but in the end, though, the ultimate choice remains in our hands, literally and figuratively; it’s important to remember that nobody can force us to eat.

Our actions are a direct consequence of our thoughts so if we don’t transform our thinking; nothing is going to change in our life or at least not for long. You have to create a strategy to rewire and re-train your neural-pathways once and for all.

We tent to assume that we know what our deepest goals and motivations are when it comes to improving our diet. After all, they’re pretty obvious. We think about them all the time. Why is it then, that we still often find it so hard to stick to our resolutions in the long run and achieve what we set out to do?

A little investigation goes a long way: Recently a client approached us saying that he wanted to be able to fit into his favourite shirt again. We then did an exercise with him that we call “Why 5”: we asked him “why do you want to achieve that goal?” and to each answer, we would ask “why?” again up to five times.
We found out, much to his surprise, that his deeper motivation was to “not be afraid of growing older and not feel like ageing equals being unfit, sick and die prematurely”.
Once he discovered this and tapped into his very core and fundamental standards of living, his motivation increased, and it became virtually impossible to stray him off his new path.

Try this exercise yourself now
Identify your top 3 wellness goals, then ask yourself “why” five times for each of them: now write down your answers and keep them in your wallet to look at every day.
You’ll Notice how this impacts your decisions and choices over the next 3-4 weeks. You’ll be surprised at what you may discover.
Moreover, if you think this is all a waste of time, think again! Your mind is listening to that and will act on it.

One reason these kind of mindset exercises are so important (if not more) than any new food plan you may ever discover, is because that’s where your actions stem from, especially when things get challenging.
You see, your brain likes routine and will tend to go down the most obvious path so, to establish a new habit and make it second nature, you have to train your mind to do so over and over again until it won’t remember anything else.

Start now: write down your goals, be as specific and go as deep as you can and make sure to read those finding every day, even twice a day for two weeks.
You will notice MASSIVE improvements and WILL start building incredible momentum.

The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.




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