The Changing Landscape

The COVID-19’s chaotic outbreak is continuing to re-shape many structures of society and amongst the tragedy is the chance to re-form a more just existence for everyone.

Prior to the pandemic, fashion was receiving much speculation with regards to questionable ethical and environmental practices.

With increased consumer demand, the industry is now making some strides with more sustainable brands and fabrics coming to the forefront of product offerings.

Independent Sellers

Independent retailers on Etsy have adapted to the uncertain external economic climate and have been witnessing a boom in sales with hand-made face masks.

These are tipped to become essential wear in the months to come.

For those of you who wish to make a stylish statement or lighten up day to day dress, here is a selection of some of the stand-out unisex designs which can all be bagged without breaking your bank account.

Jades Etsy Favorites

This reusable and washable mask communicates very powerful prose. This can be worn to spare the silence and keep the conversation alive.

If you are in need of some light relief, you can choose from an array of animations from Popeye to Sponge Bob to add some character to spring style.

Channel your inner superhero with one of these cotton creations. Everyone needs to ignite their powers at this turbulent time.

This reversible sugar skull mask can add some Mexican magic to casual clothing. The Day of the Dead design is synonymous to a celebration of the continuity of life in all forms.

Majesty, strength, courage and justice are all embodied in this lion emblem. The graphic style is also underpinned in substance with a carbon filter to prevent any airborne toxins.

Check the many options on-sites like Etsy where independent sellers are creating and selling original designs.



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