Four Ways to Become Accountable Today!

Four ways to become accountable today!

The keys to brand success are self-definition, transparency, authenticity and accountability.

Simon Mainwaring


Do you have issues with staying accountable?
You come up with great ideas, and they never get done,?
You have essential tasks to do that you keep putting off.

First, decide if it’s really worth doing, is it essential for your life purpose, ie your business, health or families future.
Eliminate the tasks that don’t fit into your life’s purpose.
remember that tasks that help those you care about like going to an event that means a lot to your partner count as essential tasks.

I recently set myself a 100 day Youtube challenge where I would post to Youtube every day for 100 days a video of me talking on camera about Vegan issues.
My goal was to build up my on-camera confidence as well as editing skills while helping to form a daily habit.

Heres the tricks I used,

Tip One
The first tip I used was to get an accountability buddy or in this case a group of people who check up each other. By telling the forfeit to someone who will keep you accountable, you can’t cheat.

Tip two
If you have a difficult task that you keep putting off, come up with a forfeit that you have to do if you fail. For instance, this could be something like going into Mcdonalds and doing a speech, its got to be something that scares you so you will want to avoid doing it.

Tip three
In the last tip with the forfeit we looked at negative reinforcement, now also add in some positive reinforcement this could be choosing a reward for when you succeed. For instance, book yourself a weekend away if you achieve your goal.

Tip four
Create a habit
Every morning we wake and have a series of actions that we do without even thinking about them. If we can add the task we have set as a goal into our morning routine soon it will be as easy as brushing our teeth, the other benefit of doing it I the morning is our willpower is at its strongest, so we will find it more manageable.
And as an added bonus to doing it first thing, we will find that we will get a sense of accomplishment which is a great feeling to start the day off with, the rest of the day will become a breeze in comparison!

If I could give one tip for people – it’s not an exercise or nutrition regimen. It’s to walk your talk and believe in yourself, because at the end of the day, the dumbbell and diet don’t get you in shape. It’s your accountability to your word.

Brett Hoebel



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