How to build your community

5 keys to building your tribe

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”
―Mother Terresa

Communities will often be most influential at times of distress and during hard times.

The human is a socially complex creature that wants to feel needed. We’re social beings.
During times of peace, there’s a far higher rate of reported loneliness thought to be due to the individualist mentality that comes with a stable society.

So how do we build a community when times are good?

1. Be Emotive
Find the emotive issue that bonds the group.
If you look at the plant-based community, there’s a couple of massive issues that are throbbing through its veins.


2. Create Leaders
Give everyone a platform and be sure to listen to them, just like when a tribe went to war it wasn’t only those who fought that were at war, it was the whole of the tribe.
Make sure to appreciate everyone equally and provide an outlet for those leading the fight to be understood.


3. Well defined roles
Once you have seen the darker side of humanity, you might struggle to see the world the way you used to. That can lead to feeling useless, be sure to provide a way to get everyone involved and feeling like they are making a difference for the cause.

“Strength lies in differences, not in similarities”
-S.R, Convay

4. Find the common purpose
While on the surface financial goals might seem like something worth working for, in fact, the most satisfying element of work is working towards a shared purpose. Be sure to provide a mission statement that will be understood by the rest of your clan.


5. Create freedom
While Humans have not yet adapted to being solely individual entities,
To reach true capabilities can only be achieved by giving them the freedom to shine.
To do this try not to create structures that are too rigid.
For instance: Google has one day a week where it lets employees work on their projects.
Allowing your team to do its own thing often leads to some significant developments.
It means you have a group of people busy working instead of being busy looking busy.




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