How some people get all the luck!

How some people get all the luck!

Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.

Dalai Lama XIV


There’s no denying that luck or bad luck will hit some more than others.
If you’re born in a war zone that’s unlucky or getting cancer even though you have never smoked and eat a whole food plant based diet or worse still being born a pig on a factory farm are all elements outside of our control and can shape the rest of our lives.

Although there’s a considerable element of chance in our lives from the day we are born, it’s the way we perceive ourselves as either lucky or unlucky that affects what happen next.
Studies show that ‘Lucky people’ (those who expect good things to happen) find good luck more often than ‘unlucky people’ (those who expect that terrible things will happen).

Take for instance my fantastic dad who lost his hearing in one ear, he doesn’t see it as unlucky he says how lucky he is to have his hearing in the other ear still and to have had both working ears for the first 76years of his life.

There are always opportunities available and it so important to be open to them.
You often hear people slagging off successful people, saying things like they don’t deserve it, they just got lucky, they know the right people in the industry etc.

Moreover, while it’s sometimes right, and sometimes it’s not, who cares?
What is this mindset doing for us?
It’s teaching us that there is no point in trying to achieve our goals, it’s taking away our power and giving it to a made-up story called luck.
They create our own story the one we want to happen!

If you’re like me and you got into plant power entrepreneurship to help the other animals you know how difficult it can sometimes be staying positive and believing that we can change the world.

However, when I look at how far the movement has come in the last few years this is because there is a whole lot of people that see the mountain of obstacles that look to most as impossible to climb, and still we attempt to climb it because we believe there is a brighter day around the corner.

Funnily enough when you believe there is no point trying,
what happens?
You stop trying, and guess what, you end up being unsuccessful in your endeavours.

Self-fulfilling prophecy anyone?

I’m a greater believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.     

Thomas Jefferson



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