How to Work Less and Achieve More

Focus on your strenghs


‘Work hard, or you’ll never be successful’ if you have never heard this, then you must behard work
from a place of true tranquillity and calmness.

In today’s hectic ego-driven world, the common feeling is that one must work harder and longer than anyone else to be a ‘success’ but is this really true? And if not, what is the secret to success?


What The Gurus Don’t Want You To Hear

Many ‘business gurus’ like to point at the successful entrepreneurs who worked hard and achieved success as proof that hard work equals success.

This correlation does not mean it is the full story.
Often they use as a cover-up for their bad coaching advice, quick to blame the student for not making it, with the cliche ‘they obviously didn’t want it enough’ or ‘ they weren’t willing to make the sacrifices’.

I speak to entrepreneurs every week who make sacrifices and work hard but aren’t yet as successful as they would like to be.

I grew up surrounded by working-class men and women who worked really hard and made tremendous sacrifices, they believed the work hard myth, often wore it as a badge of honour but it didn’t guarantee them huge success.

Now let’s look at who this myth really benefits.

The hard work myth benefits the ownership class, by saying this myth to those who work for them they ensure that their staff work hard for them. It like saying there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It’s a sweet dream, but it won’t ever materialise. So how does this help you?

 Play The Game

I recently told my mum that we had a cleaner, my mum was shocked and saw this as a waste of money. I told her that the opposite was true this isn’t a waste at all this is a sign of me valuing my time, while it might cost me money to hire a professional, they will do a better job in half the time than I ever could do and in that time I can earn the same money or more doing something I love doing.

I could spend this time with my loved ones or on my self-care routine.

Imagine trying to do everything our selves we would get nothing done, and life would be full of stress, we would have to learn how to fix our car, repair our roofs and drive trains it’s just not practical for most people.


1. Focus

One of the keys to success is to focus on one thing, if we are all over the place, we will become scattered and unproductive with half-finished projects that never get finished.

2. Leverage your skills

Remember is it’s about working smart, leveraging other peoples talents and playing the game that we are all part of.

If you can rent out a room, do it if you can create a community that pools recourse to invest in an animal sanctuary do it.

We can’t all be the boss, or the designer or the writer. But we can all leverage our time and effort to make the most of what we have.


3. Don’t waste it on useless crap

Spend your money on producing, spend your time building, so many people spend their time consuming or spend their cash consuming that which someone else has created.

Doing work that you enjoy is a good start, doing work that can be outsourced is not a smart move.

4. Get a map

When you look at your goal of building a business, do you think you can find any way to skip some parts out?

I’m not talking short cuts I’m saying get some advice from those who have been there before you.

How about modelling an existing company and just changing the bits that are important to you. This way, you are treading the most direct path, without getting lost in the undergrowth.

5. Get advice from a mentor to help you out.

It’s crazy how often I see entrepreneurs struggle out of pure stubbornness when someone else would love to give them a hand.

It is like we talked about with me hiring a cleaner, get a professional to help you. If theirs no one local find an online course or business coach, services like are really useful.

6. Set the limits

What so often happens is when we set ourselves a task and a time limit we do it in that set time frame.

Now imagine what would happen if you set your self a shorter time frame do you think you could have achieved it in less time?

Of course, you could have that’s human nature, we love to feel busy. It gives us a badge of superiority.

Try setting a time limit on your next project and see how long it takes.

7.Little but Often

The most important advice I ever got on this subject was on a call to Nathan Chan of Foundr mag who said move the needle, whether this is 30min a day or more do something every day to move your selves closer to your goals.

This will create motion, and like a snowball rolling down the hill, it will get harder to stop!

8. The Infinite Game

Many entrepreneurs have fallen victim to the myth of hard work trumps all and burnt out trying to reach some promise of a business Navarna by going full throttle until they drop.

This method just can’t work, if we look at the game analogy of work because that’s all it really is. The game is infinite, so any hope of ever completing it is going to be impossible. Set out to enjoy the journey as there really is no finish line!

9. Do What You LoveVegan Entrepanour

Doing work that you enjoy will mean that work that might have seemed hard to another person will feel like play to you. Doing something that you enjoy is a massive factor in keeping you motivated.

Final thoughts

Some will tell you that the key is to work smarter other will say its a combination of both.

But the truth is, the ability to create success depends solely on your metric of success.

For some, it might mean being financially free and spending mornings in bed or playing sport. For others, it will be more mission-focused.

The important thing is to work out what success looks like to you and then go and get it, we need to give our selves permission to do what is right for us.

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