How Your Friendships Determine Your Happiness

The truth is we are attracted to people that are ‘successful’ but only at from a distance, as soon as we get to spend time with them we find our self-finding faults and looking for excuses to go back to the less perfect people or should i say the less perfect in your eyes people.

For instance, if you drink too much you will likely surround yourself with others that do the same as you, this will likely make you feel better.  As you once again fit into the majority.

This mindset won’t help you grow, it is often said if you are the average of the people you spend time with.

I would recommend going through this list and choosing the traits you value and also find the traits you don’t value and then actively avoid those with the negative traits you that you don’t want to be associated with and seek out those with the traits that you do want to become.

You might find its not as simple as just hanging around with vegan millionaires.

Trails that are positive

  • Humble -They don’t boast about there achievements
  • Confident in a room full of people without making others feel uncomfortable.
  • Action takers- they do what they set out to do.
  • Glass half full- these kinds of people will always find a way to uplift you in any circumstance.
  • Fixers- these people will find solutions to problems without batting an eyelid or asking what you will do for them in return.
  • Provide honest feedback- they will tell you the truth to help you not to get one upon you.
  • Patient people understand that anything good takes time to grow.
  • Givers want to help others and they get their a sense of self-worth from giving rather than taking.
  • Emotional intelligence- these people understand human emotions and know when to let things go.
  • Show gratitude- they show appreciation for the efforts that other people go to accommodate them no matter how small.
  • Thirst for knowledge – they want to learn more about the world and are happy in the fact that the more they learn the less they find they know.
  • Authentic- these people are happy with who they are and don’t need to pretend to be someone they are not.

Vegan success

People to avoid as they will drag you down:


  • Problem-focused- those who find problems everywhere, and then focus on the problems making the problems expand.
  • Lacking self-awareness – they are quick to react to a situation that they don’t understand.
  • Emotional intelligence is low- they will be controlled by their emotions and can be quite unpredictable.
  • Critics- they will criticize others in an attempt to boost their own self-esteem
    Negative attitude to trying new things, so they will give up quickly as they predict failure.
  • Lacking self-worth- they seem to feel others have more and they feel inadequate.
  • Ego driven- it’s about them first, they are scared of losing face.
  • Narcissistic- these people are manipulative and charismatic but see nothing wrong with using others to get some personal gain. Scared of the truth- feedback is not their friend and they will avoid at all cost or if cornered they will feel agitated and attack back
  • Lack of ambition- they will go for the short term pleasures in life and use saying like ‘i might die tomorrow’ (which they often don’t) to justify their poor decisions.
  • Victim Mindset – those with the victim mindset will tell you how hard they work and how they aren’t appreciated and how bad things always happen to them, they will use expressions like ‘why me’.


One of the fastest ways to change your negative traits into positive traits is to start to hang around with generally more positive people if you can this all the time try to balance out your time spent with those people by changing that which you can avoid like media that isn’t positive (this is quite a lot of the media) and swap it for things like Ted Talks, Books about self-development and self-empowerment.





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