It’s OK to be wrong even when you are right! The 7 Rules you must follow to get people to like your ideas!


It’s OK to be wrong even when you are right!

The 7 Rules you must follow to get people to like your ideas!

‘Don’t Criticize them, they are just what we would be under similar circumstances’’

Abraham Lincoln


From sales to teaching, to activism. If you want people to buy into your ideas, this is a must for you.

Rule 1.
Find out what makes them tick.

Well, start with their favourite subject, themselves.
We all like it when others take an interest in what we are doing or in something that means a lot to us. Find a common bond, and it will help open the person up to wanting to agree with your ideas.

Rule 2.
Support over Blame

Often when things feel like they are going wrong, the first thing that we feel like doing is passing the blame. However, according to psychologists, this is the wrong method to achieve the results we want.
While the person who has blamed might take the responsibility without saying anything and work hard to fix the mistake, it will be with hostility.

If you want to increase overall performance in the future as well as the now, then you’re better off offering support.

Rule 3.
Show appreciation for the desired behaviour

Reward vs punishment. Similar to the last rule, operant conditioning is a method of conditioning a response based on giving either an award for the wanted behaviour or a sentence for an unwanted act. Both have been shown to work to some degree, but a penalty can often lead to feelings of aggression and resentment.  It also doesn’t necessarily lead to the desired behaviour, whereas rewards do.


Rule 4.
Don’t criticise others.

Abraham Lincoln famously said ‘Don’t Criticize them, they are just what we would be under similar circumstances’ Remember – we all make mistakes. If you don’t have the patience to help others improve, why should we expect them to want to grow for us?

Rule 5.
Use a persons name and smile.

It’s so important to build trust, and the easiest way to do this is to make others feel important. By using someone’s name, you are validating their importance.

Smile at people. It’s hard not to smile back, and that will help the individual to relax. Studies had shown that even when chopsticks were used to manipulate a smile, the smiler’s heart rate and stress levels decreased.

It’s OK to be wrong when you are right

Why try and convince someone they are wrong, even if they are, all this will do is make them put up a stronger defence. Agree with the person, by doing this you take the fire out of their argument, from here find a way to lead the conversation in a new way that is less threatening to their beliefs.

Rule 7.
Its a mistake to not admit it

Admit your mistakes even when it feels hard, in fact this is the best time for personal growth, our egotistic mind likes to make us believe we are these super-star characters and is continually trying to protect us from the reality of what we really are: a human who is just as prone to making mistakes as the next person.

As soon as we can admit this, it gives us the freedom to grow. Also, others will see this as a sign of strength, something to be admired.



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