Systemise your work and personal life in 7 easy steps

Systemise your work and personal life in 7 easy steps

For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.

-Benjamin Franklin

Kanban is a system developed by Taiichi Ohno that he designed while working for Toyota. The system was designed to track all aspects of the manufacturing process. This excellent scheduling system is a great tool, I have described below 7 ways that this system and can and will work for all aspects of your personal and business life.


  1. Going going gone
    It all starts with a board with three or more columns on it.
    The heading for these three columns could be something like TO DO DOING DONE

Then in the first column put your goals: anything from work projects to organising a date night.
Then as work gets the task underway moves along the production line until it gets to Done.


2. First things first
One key to this system is you can see what you are in the middle of, ensuring you don’t take on more tasks than you can handle. Focusing on one job at a time helps eliminate overwhelm.
You don’t take on a new task until the last job is finished or assigned to someone else.


3. Whos Who
When you assign tasks to others, you can use different colours so at a glance you can keep track of what other team members are doing and follow their progress.


4. No messing
It also allows other to see what needs doing at a glance and who is doing what so that they can get involved in the project without having to waste time trying to figure out what needs doing.


5. How you build a Kanban is up to you.
In a warehouse, factory environment or the family home, a whiteboard would be ideal.
In an office or for a more extensive mobile team using an app or some other software works to keep everyone in the loop as it can be shared and updated by the whole team 24/7.
Here at Plant Powered Success, we use Trello as its high value, it’s free for the basic version, but there’s plenty of options available.


6. Celebrate the small wins
Keeping tasks in the Done column is hugely important as a reminder of what you have achieved.
Remembering our achievements is essential. We often forget our accomplishments and focus on the things we haven’t done, creating a sense of uselessness which is wholly undeserved.


7. Eliminate non-value tasks
Keep an eye on the things that get stuck and work out why they get stuck. Is it because you don’t have the skills and maybe you would be best to outsource, or perhaps the tasks aren’t that valuable and would be best eliminated entirely.

A good system shortens the road to the goal.

-Orison Swett Marden




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