Three Secrets to Instantly Improve Your Mood!

Three Secrets to Instantly Improve Your Mood!

Our happiness or our unhappiness depends far more on the way we meet the events of life than on the nature of those events themselves.     

Wilhelm Von Humboldt


We all go through the ups and downs in our everyday life. Whether it is a stressful job, a relationship or even politics, it’s hard to be optimistic about where life is in every MOMENT.


A Harvard study shows that feeling more optimistic isn’t merely a good idea – it can reduce the chances of dying from heart disease, cancer and other ailments.
While there is NO magic formula or switch to make the world seem more positive, the road to optimism could be more straightforward than you think! The key is to find a few exercises to stick to, and when you’ve practised this continuously make it into your daily habit, it will lead to optimism NOW and ANYTIME! I’m serious! When you feel negative thoughts coming on you can go to these exercises!

Now you may be wondering ok what the exercises are!
Ok here goes – are you ready to put it into practice?

The three ways to be optimistic starting today are as follows:-

1) Gratitude –

We too often focus on what we don’t have and what could have been…. Versus every beautiful thought, we can have at the moment. Spend a few minutes each morning being thankful for even the smallest things that add to your life. Write a list and look at it during the day.

2) Focus on Your Breath –

For some, using a mantra doesn’t work. If you’re one of them, a good option is to follow your breath. Focus on either how the breath feels flowing in and out of your nostrils, or the rise and fall of your chest or belly while you breathe.
It may help initially to note ‘in’ and ‘out mentally’, but you can drop this after a while. The key is to try NOT to change the breath, simply watch it as your body breathes in and out.

3) Journaling –

Writing down your thoughts have been proven to help you gain more mental clarity when life is felling an overwhelming, it does this by giving you a release for your negative thoughts as well as letting you see the achievements you might have forgotten.
How you’re feeling in detail, what’s gone well & what hasn’t gone well this week. Writing down your thoughts will help you to organise better your thoughts & what’s triggering them, and before you know it, you will be wondering what you were worried about before.

Start your day feeling optimistic!

Be happy in the moment, that’s enough. Each moment is all we need, not more.

Mother Teresa



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