Why “follow your passion” is BAD advice!

Why “follow your passion” is not good advice!

If I was to follow my passion for tasty plant-based food I would have opened a plant-based restaurant, but I’m confident that the restaurant would have failed pretty quickly as I can’t cook!.

Heres the 3 key ingredients you will need to think about before starting your business:

Commitment to your passion

Its far easier to be committed to a project if it’s your passion, but analyze your passion fully.

is it just the latest thing that you are excited about, what was it last week, last month or last year?

If it wasn’t the thing you were passionate about then most likely it won’t be your passion in 6 month time either.

Also have you glamorised the business, working in your Coffe own shop might sound appealing but do you want to do all the cleaning, accounts, dealing with suppliers, late-nights etc as the reality of any successful business is lots of hard work!

”Commitment is what transforms a promise into a reality.”                            Abraham Lincoln

Its OK to start with your passion but you will need more than just that.

Talent is needed

When it comes to starting a successful business first look at your strengths.

What are you good at, can they be applied to other industries or can you adapt learn new skills?

If not you will need to find someone who can do the things you cant. To grow a successful business you will need to bring on board others who can do the things that you struggle with.

Problems mean success

Have you found a problem in your market something that you could do much better, this doesn’t mean you have to come up with the latest new invention but you should be able to see a vision of a better world, however, small the impact is, there needs to be an impact somewhere along the line.

For instance, switching the brand of coffee you serve to an ethical product will help those who want to help others, your providing peace of mind that they a good person as well as helping to create a better world.

Look at what is needed in the world – is there space for you to provide value, will your startup change lives in a positive way?

Then add in your passion and if it all comes together you have a great recipe for success.

“We are told that talent creates opportunity, yet it is desire that creates talent.”                                       Bruce Lee



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