Why planning is the key to healthy eating!

There is going to always be testing times and challenges when embarking on a new food journey.

Most people MASSIVELY underestimate the importance of planning as much as possible and set themselves up for failure.

If you let life catch you unprepared, you’ll be way more likely to stray away from your new chosen path.

You can NEVER plan too much, especially in the beginning.

We like to think that we will spontaneously make the right choice all the time, even when we’re under stress, rushing or when the opportunities around us are limited or not ideal; this is a massive misconception which tends to sabotage our newfound motivation and make things harder than they need to be.

The mind needs time to get used to anything new.

Change can be profoundly uncomfortable. You’re going from something familiar (as wrong as it may be for you) to something new.

If you don’t plan thoroughly in advance for any event which could challenge the new habits you want to follow, every time that things get a little more challenging and confronting, your mind will quickly slip back to the old habits it remembers so well without you having the time to stop it in its tracks.

Our client ‘Tom’ was never a big fan of meal planning: he didn’t like to think ahead about his meals, and although he knew he needed to improve his eating habits, he assumed his lifestyle was getting in the way.

He often travelled for work and was out most of the day without ever much time to shop or cook healthy meals.

We looked at all the ways he could still impact his food intake (stock his pantry with non perishable and easy to prepare healthy foods, carry healthy snacks, learn how to order a healthy but satisfying meal form any restaurant) and he soon set things up so that he always had plenty of choices to eat healthily.

Think about what are the circumstances that are most likely to test you and then plan accordingly: do you find it hard to stick to your plans when you’re travelling for work?

Do you get home after a long day at work and are so hungry you would eat anything in sight?

Do you always order the same options without questioning whether there are healthier options available?

There’s a solution to all these issues if you’re willing to brainstorm and challenge your habits.

If you feel stuck as to what the solution may be, ask for help from friends, family or a professional wellness coach: more often than not, we need a different point of view to get more clarity.

The man who earns a million but destroys his health in the process is not really a success.

Zig Ziglar




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