Your Body Is The Ferrari you Drive Through Life

If you want to know how much your body is worth, think about how much you would pay to fix it if you were told it was breaking for good.

Interesting question right?

I think we can all agree that our modern ways of living can at times be less conducive to our wellbeing than they should: we worship material possessions, are driven by the accumulation of them at all costs and then get surprised when such possessions fail to bring forth the long-lasting happiness we were hoping to obtain.

The value we attribute to things is often questionable: we see this with our clients time and again. They live in multi-million-pound homes, drive the best cars and wear the best clothes, yet they often think organic produce is too expensive and not worth the extra money.

We all have been trained to not even question spending thousands on a mobile phone, and at the same time, we find it acceptable to eat mediocre food from main street fast-food chains.

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Stop and think for a minute: if you own a Ferrari, would you buy the cheapest gas you can find to fuel it? Would you cut corners on the gadgets and fit it with standard air-conditioning and stereo system from just any corner store?

Would you regularly and consistently do anything that would affect its performance and shorten its lifespan? My guess is no. Most of us would do quite the opposite. We would fuel it with the most expensive, premium gas and oil we can get our hands on at all times. We would treat it for what it is: something very precious that we couldn’t afford to replace quickly. We wouldn’t drive it recklessly. We would treat it with respect it deserves.

Yet we see this time and again, busy, successful and wealthy professionals treating their bodies as if they had plenty more to spare in the garage. As if they were worth but a mere few pounds.

Your body is worth MORE than anything else you will EVER own. It is worth WAY more than a Ferrari. Anyone who’s ever been sick and nearly dead will tell you that it is irreplaceable and that if they had a Ferrari, they would have gladly traded it in if it meant fixing their health.

Don’t wait to be in that position to finally appreciate this invaluable gift from the universe.

Treat your body with respect

Choose the highest quality ingredients and foods you can afford, drink plenty of distilled or filtered water, don’t put trash in your body (whether that’s cheap, unhealthy, processed food, too much alcohol, any drugs, cigarettes). If you treat it right, the reward is priceless: a vibrant and healthy long life free from pain and illness.

Don’t cut corners on your wellbeing. Beware of the principle of the false economy: like with anything, you only get what you pay for.

If you need to hire help to learn how to treat your body right, don’t hesitate! Every penny you spend on taking the highest possible care of ‘the Ferrari you drive through life’ will be a penny well spent.

“Your body will be around a lot longer than that expensive handbag. Invest in yourself.” 

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